2018 LiaoNing Ballet of China Hiring Notice

From:        Data: 2018/1/15 10:05:25



Ballet Dancers




1. Basic

a. Good political thinking, law-abiding, no illegal violations and other bad records.

b. Love Ballet, have the professional knowledge and skills required by the position.

c. Good professional ethics, subject to organization distribution, team spirit.


2. Professional

a. Academic requirements: Domestic and foreign professional dance college graduates, secondary school and above, academic performance, comprehensive quality, good image temperament.

b. Age and physical condition: female 16 years old to 22 years of age, more than 1.68-meter.Male 16 to 25 years of age, more than 1.78-meter.

c. Stage experience: many experience in drama programs or large-scale dance drama performance activities;Winners in dance competitions at home and abroad are preferred.



Job Requirement


1, subject to the arrangements in the Chinese and foreign ballet, Chinese and foreign  large-scale theatrical events and various performances of the role, and to ensure the completion of the required performance.

2, subject to the annual business assessment results of the approval of the business level, and according to the corresponding business level to determine the salary treatment.

3, Executive Actors Management Center and the various rules and regulations of the Unit, abide by work discipline, law-abiding.



Hiring Process




Applicants must send their resume to lbzonehebu@sina.com; phone application rejected. (Resume includes: education, work experience, achievement, recent pictures and contact information)



Qualification first review: confirmation of audition participant list

According to each applicant' resume, we will inform whoever qualifies for public exam via phone.


3. Audition

Time: 2/03/2018; 9:30 am standard examination ; 11:00 am drama examination

Material: ID, diploma, rewards certificate (original copy and duplicate copy)

Location: Shenyang, Hunnanxinqu, Xinyunhe Rd. 223 - Liaoning Ballet 3FL

Dress code: Females - tight suit, pink socking, ballet shoes, little gauze dress allowed; males - tight white t shirt, light color stocking, ballet shoes, no dark color socks.



Result Announcement

2/09/2018 we will inform the applicants who are hired via phone and email, base on their exam scores. Probation period: 90 days.