The candidate from The Ballet Troupe of Liaoning amazed Moscow

From: 本站        Data: 2017/6/22 13:36:06
On June 22, the Ballet Troupe of Liaoning was honored in Moscow. The 13th International Ballet competition just finished at Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, and Liaoning Ballet troupe’s junior team has performed as expected. They harvested 2 silvers and 3 bronzes, and Liao Baa girls have their greatest breakthrough that they finally won medals in Moscow Ballet Competition.

  Winner list: Li Siyi won junior silver, Ma Miaoyuan won adult siliver, Ao Dingwen, Wang Zhanfeng won adult bronze (women's gold medal vacant) , Liu Jiawen won performance award, Liu Tingting won two choreographer bronze awards because of modern ballet work-- <Xue Se> and Chinese ballet --<Jasmine>.

  Moscow international ballet competition was set up in 1969, held once in every 4 years, and has a long history, a grand scale. Moscow,Varna, Jackson, Helsinki, are known as the four highest levels of professional ballet competition n the world, as well as China's National Ministry of culture provided a kind of international competitions, with awards for men and women, men and women dual dance, men and women solo dance, choreographer, the piano accompaniment , etc.
Yuri-Grigorovich, the world’s ballet scholar, was re-elected Chairman, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Olga-Golodets served as Director of the Organizing Committee. Head of the Liaoning Ballet artistic director Madam Qu ZiJiao was invited to serve as one of the contest judges.

  This year, a total of 200 players come from 27 countries get evolved in competition, Liao Baa consisted of players with an average age of 19 years old, they all graduated from the affiliated school of Liaoning Ballet Troupe. Junior Winner Li Siyi are currently a student in grade six. Although at a young age, every player has a wealth of performance and competition experience, in the case of suffering from Jet lag and injuries, with a solid base, strong confidence and strong will, continuous fighting, won the praise of judges. Two silver medalist Li Siyi, Ma Miaoyuan were well complimented by the judges, and were invited by Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit the site and to watch the competition closing ceremony - GALA performances. This is a true honor for every competitor.
  Only 16 years old, Li Siyi is the actress as “Huimin” of <Eight Women Jump in the River>, she entered the Ballet Rehearsal starting from grade four, unique stage exercises make her dazzling in junior team with no fear. Ao Dingwen, Wang Zhanfeng dance after graduating into the ballet troupe as a major actor, now featuring as main actors for <Swan Lake>, several shows such as the <Nutcracker>. Image of the two people is not only bright and young, their performance experiences is mature too; Liu Jiawen and Ma Miaoyuan dance before graduation, and were selected for Liaoning Ballet potential training camp to undergo intensive training. Although they are in the ballet troupe not for long, they soon entered a period of outbreak of the technology, performance and progress; Director Ms Liu Tingting was " native born" of Liaoning Ballet Troupe, specialized in Ballet performances and studies at Affiliated school of Liaoning Ballet Troupe. Then studied in the Beijing Dance Academy for professional studies, she is one of the few known for outstanding young choreographer of Ballet.

In recent years, Liao Baa put talent training work sinking to affiliated school of Ballet Troupe, carry forward the advantage of "ballet troupe leads school". On one hand, as early stage, they send excellent students to Regiment strengthened training and to let them participate in stage practical exercises. On the other hand, they lead the students and young actors and actress to the international competitions. They have shaped a team with rich performance skills and technology skills. And which this team can be highly recognized as talented internationally.

Through this model, students and young actors have a lot of opportunities in performances and competitions, they learn to gain knowledge and experience that the classroom may not provide. In result, fast-growing Liao Baa now use this way to find and train batch after batch of outstanding ballet dancers.