《Swan Lake》in Malahov’s eyes

From: 本站        Data: 2017/6/10 15:35:07
  Malahov, "the dancer of the century", in his art career, he had handled 24 versions of <Swan Lake>,each version has its irreplaceable advantages, and this time, his 25th edition is also a whole new try-out. It not only reserves its former essence, but also adds so many Malahov's unique styles.

  <Swan Lake> as the most classic show of the ballets, has the highest fundenmental audience base. Its influence is shown to be reckoned. Malahov found his designs in the new edition to be more likely to elicit audiences' interests and empathy. In addition to the changes in dances, this version also re-defines the magic plot...During the entire play, this made the show not only familiar but also surprising. And this is Malahov's most sincerity to Liao Baa and Chinese audiences.

  The tactic cooperation with the team from Liao Baa was always the enjoyable topic Malahov kept talking about. As early as the 7th Vienna International Ballet competition, he had already given high compliments to Zhang haidong and Yu chuanya. Especially this time with Liao Baa, Malahov felt more relaxing and pleasant working with them. "It is their professions and seriousness make this version of <Swan Lake> more beautiful!" This is the best affirmation from the master.

  Malahov has given high expectation to the new version <Swan Lake> with Liao Baa. He hoped that more audiences can see this show. So they can witness the joy and the emotions from the dancers, also can experience the most shocking effect that the stage has presented.