The impression of Swan-The Birth of Liao Ballet Version Swan Lake

From: 本站        Data: 2017/6/10 14:50:51
  When it comes to ballet, what appears the first in your eyes?
  The elegant swan!
  It's common sense that Swan has already become a definitive word for ballet, and it's also the strongest proof that the Swan Lake is famous.
  In 2017, the ballet master, Malakhov, made a corporation with Liao Ning Ballet to create the 125th Swan Lake in Ballet world history with all their efforts. In May, the entirely new stage design and more elaborate choreography destined the success of the classic flared in a whole different way.
  Witnessed the birth of a brand new beautiful swan, we let our gaze flashing back to the February in winter.
  Although the February in Shen Yang is freezing, it seemed like warmer as a result of the ballet group's enthusiasm.
  Chengquan LI, the secretary of Liao Ning Ballet, with his group went to Beijing for greeting those leading experts from Malakho's team. The costume takes an essential part at the beginning of the new Swan Lake.
  The discuss of choreography and production was opening up in Tian Jing.
  First Batch of experts arrived in Shen Yang to visit the premiere theater, Sheng Jing Grand Theater. Fast food is a perfect match to work.
  Foreign experts were introducing the choreography style to Zijiao Qu, the head of Liao Ballet. The meeting expanded from office to coffee room. Although the place for talking is changing, that laughter never changed.