Impression of Swan II -- Liao Baa edition naissance record

From: 本地        Data: 2017/6/10 14:58:23
  To Ballerinas, the name "Malahov" is like the existence of God. And to Liao Baa, Malahov is more of a legendary old friend.
  With preliminary preparation carried out in an orderly manner, plays the play rehearsal is about to begin. Everyone holds high expectation and looks forward to his arrival.
  April 4, "absolute hero" Malahov was accompanies by his agent Shi Yuan Li and Secretary Li Chengquan flew to Shenyang. Liao Baa Cafe has hosted this histroical moment for Malahov and the head of Liao Baa.

  Master Malahov is always meticulous towards art, a 50 days' Ma's style rehearsal training started. Everyone in Liao Baa participates, and no one wants to miss any detail of the rehearsals.

  Dancers are getting better in cooperating with Malahov, atmosphere is relaxed a lot during the rehearsal. Master's control on dance, music, details, has inspired and moved each person.