The impression of Swan III --- Liao Baa Naissance Record

From: 本站        Data: 2017/6/10 15:15:33
  As the premiere date drew closer, more people noticed that Liao Baa would perform a new version of <Swan Lake>. They became very interested in each topic related to this edition of <Swan Lake>.
  Ballet is not a untouchable art, it has become the attention focus of those have heart and love for beauty.
  ※ "Po's guest room" wants to talk about the <Swan Lake> you want to know.

  10 days open tickets, box office ¥100,000. Most worth watching <Swan Lake> deserves the name.

  Starring has finally lifted the veil of mystery, you know who they are?
  Liao Baa Version - <Swan Lake> 5 groups of "swans" surfaced, namely: Yu Chuanzhi, Ao Dingwen, Fang Afang, Diana (foreign), Li Siyi.

  "little Heroes" behind the scene, had their own proud and happiness.
  ※ Tiara making volunteers felt so proud because they have earned themselves a part in this show.