The impression of Swan IIII --- Liao Baa Naissance Record

From: 本站        Data: 2017/6/10 15:22:22
  Countdown performance, choreography, live accompaniment  ... Have entered the final stage of preparation, we're all set.
  ※ Famous young conductor of Russia Sergey appeared in Shenyang, musicians training begins with the Liao.

  The press meeting held in Liaoning Ballet Theater,  from the Director to the stars are full of confidence .

  Malahov team gave the head of Liao Baa (Qu) a Crystal Swan, which certainly will bring luck to Liao Baa and this version of Swan Lake.

  United rehearsals in the theater are orderly conducted in tense. This kind of exquisite scenery makes people look forward to the 26th premiere.