The impression of Swan V --- Liao Baa Naissance Record

From: 本站        Data: 2017/6/10 15:30:56
  Swan was finally full-fledged flying. On May 26, 27th, 28th, it matters so much for each Liao Baa ren.
  ※ 3 games first night at the box office exceeded ¥800,000. Wishes and blessings from brothers and sisters are all grateful in countless words.

  The curtain rises, we finally meet!

  Listento the applause in the theater, look at the smiles on the audiences, you willknow how successful this show has turned out.

  There is no time for our stars to remove their makeup and they already head to signing. How popular is the signing? See for yourself.

  Liao Baa has planned the secret cocktail celebration for Malahov's team, what a big surprise.

  Time has freezed on May 26th night 23:00pm, at this moment, each person is as joyful as kids.