World Class escort, Liaoning “Swan” flaps its goreous wings

From: 本站        Data: 2017/6/10 14:32:21
  After a couple ofmonths’ elaborate preparation, on May 26th, the new version Swan Lake of Liaoning Ballet customizedby the world famous ballet artist, Владимир Малахов, conducted its first showin Shen Yang Sheng Jing Theater.

  Shen Yang Sheng Jing Theater was a full house on that night, anenormous amount of ballet fans came from all over the country. Some with thepurpose of taking a look of master's elegant demeanor, and some with theobsession of Swan Lake.  All of themcan't wait to feel the charm of new version Swan Lake.
  At 7 sharp, alongwith everyone’s applause, the most known conductor 孔德拉绍夫·谢尔盖 walked up to the command center podium. And when the first note fromthe Liao Ning Symphony Orchestra live performance was made, the show is on, andeveryone at the moment was brought into the Prince and Princess fairy tale. 

  The clown’s (Lu Meng acted) appearance on the stage amused theaudiences, not only because his humorous performance and outstandingtechniques, but also because the very recognition that the audiences had forthis actor. Lots of the people came because of him. When the fundamental “fourlittle swans” started, audiences clapped their hands simultaneously along withthe rhythms. Suddenly, everyone reacted lively excited, seemed like they haveran into an old friend. The prince (Zhang haidong acted), the princess (Yuchuanya acted) gradually debuted on the stage, their first met and fallen inlove made the atmosphere warm and beautiful. 
  Although Малахов chose a sad ending for this version of Swan Lake,it did not affect audiences’ blessings for the royal and beautiful love.Applause and cheers lasted from the very last scene till the final curtaincall. 
  Liao Baa presentedthe Regiment’s best team for this show, also had invited two extraordinary foreigndancers, which made it the spotlight of the show. Best part of the night, mustto be our main actress -- Yu chuangya, one person who played both Black andWhite Swan. Whether it is the purity of White Swan or the subtleness of theBlack Swan, each expression was performed at its highest level. Not to mentionthe elegant dancing, each spin or each jump has won everyone’s applause andcheers. 

  The four stagescenes designed by the German artist 迪特尔·艾森曼, have utilized the simple style to make the live effects mostrealistic, especially, it made the stage follow the pace of the plot, so apleasant indoor and the beautiful outdoor scenes can freely convert. Given theaudiences the most powerful visual effects, also it did not take away thedancers’ charms. And this design concept is what 迪特尔 alwayspurchases.

  <Swan Lake> byLiao Baa, total 3 shows in Shenyang, has successfully created 800,000 revenue.Next, it will use five different teams and techniques, to perform in Dalian,Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and other European locations. Hopefully, there willbe more opportunities for audiences to experience such classy act from ourmasters.