Ao Dingwen

AO Dingwen 

Top-Principal Dancer of Liaoning Ballet 
National Second-Class Actress. 

She graduated from Liaoning Ballet Affiliated Ballet School and started to work in Liaoning Ballet in 2011.

She acted as principle in a lot of classic ballets in both Chinese and Western classic and modern repertoire. World Classic Ballets: Spartacus, Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, La Corsaire, The Nut Cracker, etc; Chinese Original Ballets: Moonlight On the Pond, Eight Heroines, Mulan, etc; Modern Ballet Works: The Butterfly Lovers, Tomb Figures, The Color of Blood, etc. 

2010--"Special Award" of 3rd Japan Tokyo International Ballet Competition; 2011 -- Bronze Medal of Junior Group in the 8th International Ballet Competition in Seoul, Korea; Gold Medal of Ballet Group in the 4th Flying Silicon Valley International Dance Competition in America; 2012 -- Silver Medal of Junior Group in the 7th Helsinki International Ballet Competition in Finland; 2016--She acted as principal role in the Chinese Original Ballet Eight Heroines  and won the "Wen Hua Awards" , which is the Chinese top governmental award of culture and arts; 2017 -- Bronze Medal of Senior Group in the 13th International Ballet Competition in Moscow. Eight Heroines won the 14th "five one project" award for spiritual civilization; 2018--Gold Medal of Senior group in 6th Shanghai International Ballet Competition.

As a messenger of foreign culture exchanges, she has performed in many  other countries as delegator of Liaoning Ballet and participated in Davos Forum opening ceremony of 2017. As a guest dancer, she has worked with many world famous ballet companies: She acted as principal in the Swan Lake with Johannesburg Ballet of Republic of South Africa and Opera Female Singer Giocante with National Grand Theater of China(2016).